School Supplies

Many of the public schools in Liberia are lacking the basic essentials that are necessary for students to thrive in the classroom. Hope for Liberia is ensuring that every student enrolled in our school will have new and high quality school supples such as backpacks, notebooks, pencils, pens and pencil cases.

Feed a Student

The fact that these children get to go to school is a huge blessing and gives them a real and important advantage in order to succeed in life. Many of the parents are not able to provide three meals a day. Dinner is usually a shared cup of rice between the entire family. We don’t want our students to be focused on their empty tummies while in class. We want to make sure that their full attention is on their studies. This project is all about providing a warm breakfast and nutritional lunch for every student.

Uniform & Shoes

While being enrolled as a student in school is a huge advantage for these children, clothing is a struggle for many families. Most kids wear hand-me-downs from multiple generations. They are generally torn and faded garments. This project ensures that every child is on equal ground by having the same new, high-quality uniform.


It’s heartbreaking to be driving through the city and see dozens of children either sitting around in a destitute community, or running frantically trying to sell a bottle of pop or a piece of bread to help their family earn a few dollars to buy food. This project is all about sending a child to school where they can learn the life skills they need to succeed. Your one-time gift of $500 will keep a child in school for an entire academic year.