Sow a Seed

Your donation towards this project will purchase seeds and fertilizer that will feed an entire community. A gift of $100 will plant a row of life-giving produce.

Plant a Tree

Plant a tree on our farm to ensure the community and students of our school will have nutritional fruit for generations to come. Each tree costs $10.

Baby Chick

Sustainability and independence are two of the greatest ways that we can help bring hope to Liberia. Our poultry farm is doing just that as these eggs and chickens an excellent source of protein for people in the community. For a gift of $10 per chicken, you are ensuring that people will eat quality food every day. The donation covers the cost of the chicken, their antibiotics and feed.

Bag of Rice

Rice is the most essential food source in all of Liberia. One bag of rice can help sustain a family of four for an entire month. Most people live off of just $1.25 USD per day. A day’s work in Liberia is not from 9-5. It’s from before the sun comes up until it goes down late in the day. Your gift of $25 will ensure that one family will have the energy they need to work hard to provide for their household.

Feed a Student

The fact that these children get to go to school is a huge blessing and gives them a real and important advantage in order to succeed in life. Many of the parents are not able to provide three meals a day. Dinner is usually a shared cup of rice between the entire family. We don’t want our students to be focused on their empty tummies while in class. We want to make sure that their full attention is on their studies. This project is all about providing a warm breakfast and nutritional lunch for every student.

Feed a Family

While rice is a staple food in Liberia, it’s not enough. It doesn’t provide the necessary vitamins and nutrition that is needed to thrive and live a long and healthy life. Your donation to this project will also provide fresh fruits and vegetables for each household. Your gift will also provide charcoal for the fire, cooking oil, dried fish and spices.

Humanitarian Aid in Liberia

Here are just some of the many humanitarian aid projects we’re doing in Liberia:

  • Building Water Wells
  • Providing Food and Clothing for the Needy
  • School Supplies for Children (Backpacks, Uniforms, Shoes)
  • Tuition and School Registration Fees
  • Helping a Community of Blind and Visually Impaired

You can make a general donation that will be put to use where it’s most needed.