Farm Land to Produce Food for the School and Community

Raised: $3,800.00 $0.00

The operational costs of feeding our students are substantial at over $10,000 per month. The most costly amount has been purchasing and securing enough food for the 270 students and chickens.

We have an incredible opportunity to slash those costs by becoming more independent and sustainable. One word…Farming. Liberia’s rich soil and climate make it the perfect place to grow everything we need to feed the children at the school and the chickens at the farm.

The plan is to grow our own rice and vegetables. This will not only solve much of our monthly financial challenges, it will also be a huge step forward in helping Liberians become more self-sufficient. We have access to 150 acres in a beautiful farming region. The vision is to purchase 50 acres to begin.

We can secure 10 acres at a time at a cost of only $6000. We are excited to let you know that one couple has already donated this first amount and these initial 10 acres are in the process of being secured. If we can raise the remaining $24,000, we will buy 40 more acres and be able to produce more than enough food for our school, our chickens, and our community.